Honeymoon For One – eARC Review

Title: Honeymoon For One
Author: Rachel Bowdler
Series/Number: N/A
Genre: Romance
Age: Adult
Publication Date: November 1, 2022
Themes: Vacation Relationship, Christmas Vacation, Cancelled Engagement, Canadian Honeymoon, FF Relationship, Complicated Mother/Daughter Relationship


A cancelled engagement. A non-refundable honeymoon. A Christmas Robin will never forget.

Robin Ellis has had a year she’d like to forget. She’s tired, overworked and most definitely not ready to spend the holidays with her rowdy family in Manchester. So when she discovers she forgot to cancel her honeymoon she sees this as the perfect opportunity to get away; it’s time to relax and embrace adventure!

The last thing she expects is to clash with standoffish ski instructor Neve. But despite their rocky start these two unlikely people can’t help but fall for each other under the starry Canadian skies.

They know that holiday romances don’t last, and Robin has had her heart broken one too many times before, but can they overcome the distance between them and find a happily ever after together?

A sparkling LGBTQ+ Christmas romance.

Thank you to NetGalley and Embla Books for an eARC of this book.

I thought this was a very cute story. My favourite parts of it was seeing Robin go off on her own and make decisions for herself. Robin starts off in a really difficult place with her life, feeling unappreciated, unhappy, and recently dumped. She starts off the story really passively and not wanting to try new things or do something different, but I really enjoyed watching her open up and start to enjoy new things.

One thing I really enjoyed in this book was that both Robin and Neve had complicated relationships with their mothers. I liked how it was explored and they both had to reconcile their feelings. I really liked the discussions of how maternal relationships impacted the characters and how they are effected by it now as adults. I really liked watching both Neve and Robin grow into their own and make choices about how they want those relationships to go moving forward.

This was a really sweet Christmas romance and I loved seeing both characters make the decisions that would make them happy, rather than what they thought they should do.

Rating 3/5 stars


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