Social Media Services

Making social media marketing easier with eye-catching, fun, and informative graphics.

What I Offer:

– Canva Marketing Templates
– Marketing Adverts for upcoming and backlist titles
– Fun/Novelty Posts
– Flexible Pricing
– Individual Projects or Long Term Projects


4 Simple Social Media Posts: $30

If you have a specific idea or want a limited number of graphics I will discuss with you the specifics and great 4 Social Media Graphic posts. These posts can be for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Individual Projects: by request

If you have a specific project in mind that is of a larger scale or would need more time to complete you may email or DM me with the details and we can discuss a rate accordingly.

Social Media Posts: $40 – 60/hr*

If you have a larger project in mind or would like frequent social media posts I have an hourly rate where I will create a number of different posts and designs.

Single Social Media Post: $10

If you have a single social media post idea email or DM me your idea and I would be happy to create it. This includes updates and any changes necessary.

For more information please email me with details

*Depending on complexity I am able to complete anywhere between 5 and 10 posts an hour


Alex is incredible! It’s more than simply making a few graphics that I can use to help advertise my books, website, store, etc. She knows what looks good on social media, she makes multiples of graphics that are easily customizable with links and dates, and she’s FAST. The graphics are eye-catching and easy to read and digest (which is great because I have a tendency to overcrowd!). And Alex is so easy to work with. If I’m spending money to have someone assist me with marketing, I need responsiveness, flexibility, and knowledge. I could say she’s so good at this because she’s a reader, but it’s more than that. Alex instinctively understands how to appeal to other readers and how to help move the needle on a title. Social media is already tough enough, and hiring Alex to assist me with mine is one of the best decisions I’ve made as a self-published author.

Halli Starling

The Process

1. Send me an email with information about yourself, what you do, and what kind of social media materials you’re looking for

2. I will email you back with more questions and information

3. We will discuss the project, payment, and trial posts

4. I will begin working on the posts we have discussed

5. Depending on the complexity of the posts I can complete anywhere from 4 – 10 an hour.

Let’s build something great together.