Author Interview – Tell Me How It Ends and Platonic Love

Tell Me How It Ends by Quinton Li is a coming-of-age cozy fantasy with a queer cast, witches, and tarot. It is a sweet story about friendship, adventure, and magic. I reviewed the book here. You can find Quinton on Instagram, Twitter, and their Website. You can find the book on Goodreads, Amazon, and their Website. I was incredibly lucky to be able to interview … Continue reading Author Interview – Tell Me How It Ends and Platonic Love

A Brighter, Darker Art by Halli Starling – Author Interview

Hello friends,

Today I am excited to bring you my first ever author interview. I have had the absolute pleasure to get to chat with Halli about her newest release A Brighter, Darker Art.

A Brighter, Darker Art is the companion novel to Ask Me For Fire, following Raf who we meet in Ask Me For Fire, and Silvan. The book follows Raf as he has a chance meeting with Silvan in a bar, only to find out that Silvan has been recently let go. Raf desperately needs a marketing manager to help him get the newest of his galleries open and to make the opening perfect so that the illustrations entrusted to him by his best friend, Ambrose and Ambrose’s boyfriend, Barrett are prefectly highlighted. But working with someone you’re attracted to is harder than either Raf or Silvan realized, so they make a deal. Hands off, for now.

Halli Starling is queer librarian, reader, gamer, and author. Halli has always been involved with books, and her love of the written word inspired her to get her MLIS and continue her book career outside of public libraries.

When not writing, she co-hosts The Human Exception podcast, plays D&D, and spends time in the beautiful outdoors of Michigan.

She is available for podcasts, interviews, panels, and book signings.

She can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and at her website:

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