A Milky Way Home – Clover Hill Romance Series Review

Title: A Milky Way Home
Author: Hsinju Chen
Series/Number: Clover Hill Romance #6
Genre: Romance
Age: Adult
Publication Date: March 21, 2023
Themes: Romance, Small Town, Found Family, Community, transmasc taiwanese MC, Aro Rep, Ace Rep, Music, Food, queer cast


Yen-Chen and Florence—one tourist, one local—form a reluctant friendship after one too many encounters. Is their growing connection written in the stars, or will Yen-Chen still leave Clover Hill for good?

Yen-Chen Chang is tired of the big corporate world. After quitting his high-paying software engineer job in Seattle, he’s desperate to move back to Taipei to figure out the next stage of his career. When his best friend invites him to visit Clover Hill as the last stop before going home, he gladly welcomes the opportunity to see the town they love.

Florence Hong-Lam Ho is passionate about her shih tzu mix Milk Puff, music composition, and teaching children piano. She is not trusting of strangers, especially those from outside of Clover Hill. When a tourist reaches for the last piece of fènghuáng sū at Wong’s Corner Store at the same time as she does, she hopes to never see this person again, even if her dog loves him already.

But when Yen-Chen and Florence keep running into each other—once, literally—they strike up a reluctant friendship. Is their growing connection written in the stars, or will Yen-Chen still leave Clover Hill for good?

A contemporary asexual romance featuring a transmasc MC.

I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is the third book in the Clover Hill Romance Series I’ve read and so far they have all been really sweet stories! I still have more to go and I’m excited to read the rest of them! A Milky Way Home is a really sweet story about Tourist Yen-Chen who makes a stop in Clover Hill to visit his friend and then ends up falling in love. With the town and with Florence.

I honestly felt like this was a really sweet story. It’s soft and full of really sweet and honest moments between Yen-Chen and the people that will become his found family. I loved seeing him get to know the people his best friend spends time with and cares about. It was nice seeing him get to know people and the town while he visited. I also liked how he and Florence took their time to get to know each other and didn’t rush into anything.

It was really nice seeing the entire queer cast, and having two main characters that were demiromantic and demisexual. It was a really nice story about two people having common interests and opening up to each other, which I really enjoyed. If you like food in your books, this one was full of really incredible sounding food and drinks. I am not a boba fan, but the whole boba scene was honestly super sweet. I loved that Florence and Yen-Chen bonded over food and their love for Milk Puff.

Overall, this is a really sweet romance about found family, following your heart, and opening up to the people around you.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars


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