Incredible Indies – Authors to Follow (LGBTQ+) #3

Hello friends,

I am back again with another installment of authors to check out and follow!

Jaimie N. Schock

Jaimie N. Schock is an author, editor, and journalist with almost two decades of professional experience. She has been published in newspapers and magazines and has released eight fiction novels, including The Pyre Starter, The Fired Gun, The Circus Crown, The Queen’s Pain, The Crystal Call, The Magic Pact, The Burning Key, and Visions of Iotan. Her books feature LGBTQ+ and disabled main characters. Her series The Talisman War is a seven-book urban fantasy adventure, while Visions of Iotan is a sci-fi story.

Tabitha O’Connel

Tabitha O’Connell is a historic preservationist and fiction writer living in Western New York. Eir novellas and short stories focus on relationships, both romantic and platonic, and are typically angsty, cozy, and sweet, and always queer, with a special focus on ace and trans/nonbinary characters.
Instagram: tabitha.writes

Maxime Jaz

Maxime is a queer author who writes about guys falling in love in various places and times. Although the books could be labelled as MM romance laced with erotica, they do not fit a single genre, and are filled with drama, and sometimes darkness. Maxime likes to explore complex emotions, the journey to self-discovery, and living a life true to oneself, and their characters often struggle before finding happiness. Maxime often incorporates elements of their Hungarian and French origins in their works. In their free time, Maxime likes to spend time with their family, ride their horse, or walk their dog on hikes. Maxime writes next to a fulfilling career in international education.

Jess Newton

Jess fell into writing as a teenager, tempted by the dark world of fanfiction, but it wasn’t until they hit their thirties that they started seriously writing original works. They have a tendency towards speculative fiction, including sci fi, fantasy and the odd paranormal, with occasional snippets of contemporary romance (always queer!). Their stories are the ones they wished they could have read as a teenager, when as the only queer kid with lesbian mums in school they often struggled to find characters they could identify with. Their motto is that everyone should be able to find themselves on the page of a book, no matter who they are.

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