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Hello friends,

I am back with another post in my Incredible Indies series. Today I’m going to give you some people to follow who support and talk about indie books. These are people who will talk about their experience with indie books, recommend indie books, and will be great resources for you if you are looking to find indie books to read. I reached out to some incredible people on the internet and they have given me a short bio about themselves and why they talk about indie books. Below you will find 5 people to follow!


My name is Jaida im a non binary demisexual bookstagrammer with a love of queer ya books. I always enjoy the connection thaf i have with indie authors. Some indie authors have some of the most underrated books, so i love to be able to read them, support them and share their work in anyway i can!

You can find Jaida at Twitter, Linktree, and Instagram

Adam Katz

My name is Adam Katz. I teach writing and I edit this literary magazine that represents a small community of writers, most of whom do something else for a living. We have teachers, a computer programmer, a public health worker… A lot of what we publish falls under the category of personal essay. But there’s also poetry and fiction.

You can find Adam at


My name is Krystal. I’m a 35 year old romance reader from Maryland. I recently decided to start doing Indie author interviews live on Instagram to talk about their books and about them to bring more attention to indie authors. I read a mix of traditional and indie books but noticed that I tend to love indie more most of the time and want others to love and support indie authors. I do have reviews up in my highlights of what I’ve read so far this year. I’m behind on my review posts but they do end up there too eventually. I just want to support indie authors where I can and I think author interviews focused on them will draw more people to read their books.

You can find Krystal at Linktree and Instagram


I’m Grey, I’m a genderfluid lesbian who primarily reads sapphic/lesbian books. I like to highlight indies when I can because I often find they have fantastic representation and unique stories!

You can find Grey on Instagram!


Christina (khe/kher) is a chronically ill aspec bookstagrammer who cares too much and posts too little. Khe fully believes “fantasy is not a way of escaping reality but a way of understanding it” (a quote by Lloyd Alexander), adores graphs, and is hated by squirrels.

 A lot of the indies I read are people I know even if just through internet! So reading their books feels like a special or deeper way to get to know them. I mean, how many other ways can you get to really *experience* another human’s imagination?

You can find Christina on Instagram or Carrd

Make sure to check out all these amazing people and see what they have to say and the amazing content they create!

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