Favourite LGBTQ+ Graphic Novels || Pride Month

Hello friends,

Today is all about some of my favourite LGBTQ+ Graphic novels!! Now, I love graphic novels so here are some of my favourites!

1. Lumberjanes

This is just the cutest series about a group of badass campers exploring an enchanted forest at their summer camp. It is full of fun and friendship and love and so much diversity!

2. Bloom

This is the softest and sweetest story. It literally takes place in a bakery! I read it in one sitting and you should absolutely pick it up! Oh and the colour palette of this is to DIE for. I mean… these blue hues… I’m in love.

3. The Prince and the Dressmaker

Oooh, the fashion! The parties! The art! I adored this! It was so sweet and fun and filled with gorgeous pages.

4. Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me

This one is very important! It discusses friendship, toxic relationships, and so many things teenagers experience but don’t often see in books. I adored it!

5. Mooncakes

Magic, witches, werewolves! Two childhood friends find each other again and have to stop the evil in their town. It’s sweet and soft, but also action packed and fun! I’d love to see more about these characters!


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